About Mary

Mary Oliver

Hi! I’m Mary, a special education teacher turned Homeschool mom. My first passion is taking care of my family. I love being a wife and a mom! My second passion would definitely be teaching. I love to teach! It always has been and probably always will be one my favorite things to do. Now I have the privilege of teaching my 3 amazing boys. 

Along with teaching, I also absolutely love to encourage and help others in their homeschool Journey! I am privileged to share with families from this blog and also work personally with homeschool families with S.M.A.R.T. (Smoky Mountain Academic Resources and Training, smarttesting.net) as a certified private tester. 

I am blessed with a wonderful husband who is my best friend. I get to be with him every day, working with him, (when I’m not busy teaching and taking care of our kiddos) as he works as a professional Voiceover Artist and runs an Ecommerce business out of our house.

All this adds up to a crazy fun house! At any given moment you may see schoolwork spread out on the kitchen table, toys and who knows what else scattered around the house by our toddler, and work overflowing from our office. Amidst all this, I love to find new ideas and ways to keep our craziness a little more structured and organized. The purpose of this blog is so that I can share a little of our life with you. I hope to share with you a little bit of how amidst the craziness of homeschool you can have enjoyable peaceful homeschool days!