Take time to relax with your family this holiday season.

Christmas Break Time!

Take Time to Relax

There’s one thing I’ve learned in the past few years, while homeschooling and running businesses from home. Sometimes we can forget to give ourselves a break. It’s important to remember, for everyone, that sometimes we need a change of pace. We need time to relax, enjoy time together, and time to not feel any pressure of work, or school.

Our family tries to take time together each year. Even my husband, who keeps to a rigorous work schedule with our home business, takes extra time around Christmas to rest, relax and spend time together. He takes a few whole days off, and then schedules in a week or so of half days of work so that we can just have fun together and he can rest and enjoy the Christmas season.

In December I usually loosen up our school schedule a little. We do our core studies and then we play games, bake, and do Christmas crafts. I take extra time with the kids for an advent Bible study, activities to enjoy counting down to Christmas and remember the reason we celebrate.

So, today I simply want to encourage you. Don’t let yourself feel guilty for taking time off! It is not easy being moms and dads, business owners, teachers, or any number of roles we all have. It is important to take time to just rest and enjoy your family. Whether you’re going on a vacation or just staying home, watching movies and playing games together. Whatever you do, remember that it’s good for you and your family to take that time together. Your Holiday will be more enjoyable and memorable if you aren’t stressed from trying to do it all!

What are you doing to rest and enjoy your holiday season? Comment below! Let’s encourage one other this season!