Enjoy Homeschooling with Biographies from Heroes of History

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Complimentary Product Received ~ The Heroes of History Series from YWAM Publishing provides amazing historical biographies for kids to read and learn from in your Homeschool. #hsreviews #homeschool #heroesofhistory #ywampublishing #homeschoolcurriculum #truebiographies

My son and I have enjoyed YWAM Publishing’s Heroes of History Series for the last few years. Each year Daniel has been able to choose a biography to read for part of his reading curriculum. Last year we had fun reading and learning about Orville Wright. This year, after watching several of the Disney movies about him, my son was chose to read and learn the true story of Davy Crockett. We are happy to be able to share our experience with the book Davy Crockett: Ever Westward with you!

The Heroes of History Series

One thing I have learned from YWAM’s Heroes of History series is that you get so much more than just a book to read. With a book from this 29 book series you get a a factual biography that reads like a narrative story. The books are grounded in Christian values and will inspire your kids with true stories of what each hero went through and accomplished in their lives. Also, with the book you receive access to a teacher’s guide for homeschool, small group or classroom teaching. In addition each book has a study guide with comprehensions questions, quotes from the book, and projects to extend learning to all subject areas as you read. The teacher’s and study guides are digital pdf files that you can print or open and use on your device for reference.

Reading the Biography, Davy Crockett: Ever Westward

First of all, the physical book is an average size paperback novel that is well made and sturdy. Davy Crockett: Ever Westward has 189 pages and 17 chapters. My son read about a chapter a day on school days and finished the book in about 3 weeks. The print is easy to read and not too small. My son, in the 6th grade, read the book independently and completed comprehension questions from the study guide. This book would also be great for a read aloud and unit study to complete together as a family for younger children as well. Due to times sake this month, we focused on simply reading the story and answering the questions with this book. However, there are so many wonderful extension activities in the Study Guide that we may have to come back and do some of these projects together as a family.

The study guide had a projects and ideas to extend to all subject areas. The quotes section from the book can be used for copywork and handwriting practice. The reading comprehension questions that we enjoyed introduce vocabulary, direct questions from the text and also higher level thinking questions. The student projects and extension activities gave opportunities to extend learning even more. You can learn more about the history of the time period of Davy Crockett. There are recipes, crafts, essay questions, presentations, and video project ideas. You can pick and choose what works for your family!

My son’s homeschool course load was a bit too full to add too much more this past month. However, we enjoyed using Davy Crockett: Westward Expansion book for reading and comprehension. We also enjoyed looking at some of the geography activities and finding the places that Davy Crockett journeyed on a map. This was especially meaningful to him since we live in the Western North Carolina Mountains and have traveled to many of the areas that Davy Crockett grew up. Daniel enjoyed learning how he traveled and survived in the wilderness throughout the story the most.

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