Free Product Received - Homeschooling your Kindergarten student can be a lot easier with LeapFrog Academy. Your child will enjoy the games and activities while learning!

Have Fun Homeschooling Kindergarten with LeapFrog Academy®

Disclosure: I received this product free through the Homeschool Review Crew

My older 2 children loved their games and learning toys from LeapFrog®, so I was thrilled to be able to try the LeapFrog Academy® learning program with my son in Kindergarten. Ethan is so excited to have new learning games just for him. He is having so much fun this month completing learning adventures on LeapFrog Academy®. He also loves having “work” on the computer to do as part of his school each week. We have thoroughly enjoyed using this program and want to share more about it with all of you!

What is LeapFrog Academy®?

LeapFrog Academy® is an interactive learning program for children ages 3-6. Students will learn reading, math, science, social studies, art, and more all by playing games and activities. When you sign up you can choose what level you student is working on Preschool, Kindergarten, or Grade 1. Students complete games along a path in their Learning Adventure.

As they complete each activity they receive rewards towards completing their collection. My son was so excited when he completed his entire T-Rex Fossil Collection and built his dinosaur. They also can earn different clothes and pets for their avatar. As your child continues learning you can track their progress in the parent dashboard.

How does LeapFrog Academy® work?

LeapFrog Academy® is different than many other LeapFrog® learning toys and games we have used in the past, because you do not need to have a LeapFrog® system to play them. LeapFrog Academy® can work on any Windows or Mac Computer browser, most android, IOS, or amazon phones and tablets. It also works on LeapFrog devices. I easily created a LeapFrog Academy® account and set up a profile for my son.

I also was able to download the app on the tablet my son uses. The app worked great on our android tablet at first. However, after playing through a few activities it would freeze. After restarting it would usually work again. This is an old android tablet that we ran the app on so it is probably just a compatibility issue. If you are concerned about whether LeapFrog Academy® will run smoothly on your device you plan to use, I would contact their customer service to be sure.

This was not a huge issue for us. We decided to mostly use LeapFrog Academy® on our windows computer. My son enjoyed the chance to get to use the computer. Everything ran very smoothly running the program this way. The program was very easy for my son to navigate by himself. He could sign in to his profile by clicking on his name and avatar on the dashboard. Then he could easily choose to continue on his learning adventure, view his collections, change his avatar, read books, or choose individual games to play.

How LeapFrog Academy® Helps us Homeschool Kindergarten

If you are trying to homeschool multiple children, then you know the ever present challenge of finding independent, educational activities for your younger children. We want to keep our children engaged and learning, but also need to teach our older children as well. I have a Kindergartner, 4th grader and 6th grader so I am regularly rotating between them during our school times. LeapFrog Academy® has been such a wonderful resource for my Kindergartner work on some during school time, while I’m working with my older children.

Also, a bonus is that he loves getting time to play LeapFrog Academy® during school. He gets to “play school games” after he finishes his reading, writing and math work with me. He is really doing more school and learning, however to him it feels like a reward. Also, he stays happy, engaged and busy while I’m working with his brothers. I started his program at the Kindergarten level. Therefore, many of his activities were reviewing skills he knew to start with like letter sounds, counting, and reading readiness practice. He loved the immediate success that this provided him and was so proud each time he completed a learning adventure. LeapFrog Academy® provides certificates for each learning adventure that is completed. There is an option to print them if you would like. Ethan loved seeing is certificates and was so proud of each success.

We are excited to keep using LeapFrog Academy® this year. I have already seen a lot of growth in his reading and confidence in what he is learning. I am very happy to have so many resources that help make homeschooling a little easier for me and fun for my kids!

Try LeapFrog Academy® for your Kindergarten Kids

LeapFrog® is offering a 2-month free trial for LeapFrog Academy® so you can try it for free right now and see if it is good fit for your family. Also, be sure to click here or below to read more about LeapFrog Academy® from other families in the Homeschool Review Crew.

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