Complimentary Product Received ~ I know it provides online elementary math practice that can supplement your math curriculum and help you as you homeschool!

Strengthening Math Skills with I Know It!

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

I know it is an online math practice program that provides supplemental math practice to students. It has practice for levels K-5 and is great to give your kids some extra math practice to go a long with your curriculum.

Using I Know It

One of the best things about I Know It is that it is so easy to use! We were given a family account for our homeschool. It is very easy to add your kids with their grade levels and/or math working levels if they are different. With a family membership like we have everyone easily uses the same login and then clicks on the appropriate user as soon as they log in.

I was able to easily go in and give my kids assignments that coincide with what they are working on in their curriculums to provide them with extra math practice. Each lesson is clear at a glance what will be covered, making it easy to know what lessons to pick for your students.

When your student logs in to their account, they immediately see their assignments. Assignments can have specific due dates or can be posted until completed. I liked that the students can work on any grade level assignments you choose for them. Your child can go back and review skills they need more practice on. Also, they can work ahead on more challenging lessons.

Math Practice

When a student chooses a lesson they then work through a set of 15 questions. There is a read aloud option for all questions for young children or those who struggle with reading. Each question has the options for hints to help if your kids are not sure how to solve the problem. (Hints can be turned off or the amount of hints can be changed.) After a child answers they are immediately rewarded with a fun animation if they answer correctly. If they answer wrong then a clear explanation for the correct answer is given. After all questions for the lesson are finished they are given a score and a celebration animation for completing the lesson.

Students can easily choose the assigned lessons or go down to their assigned math levels library of lessons. You could easily simply have students work through lessons in a grade level if you didn’t want to assign specific ones.

Math Practice Progress

Another benefit of I know it is that you can easily get reports on how your child is doing in each lesson. Both you and your child can easily view their progress reports for each lesson and overall scores. Progress reports can be printed easily if needed as well. You can also easily track which lessons that have been assigned have been completed. If students are choosing their own lessons you can view which ones they have done and their scores.

I know It according to Homeschoolers

My 3 boys all though I Know it an easy to use way to practice math. My youngest especially liked the silly animations after each question. They all liked that the lessons usually took them no more than 10 minutes. They are a perfect length for a supplemental program for extra practice. The dashboard is really clean, easy to find things and looks fresh. Overall we like the look of I know it. Also, the math practice is very solid and covers each grade level (K-5) content well.

Try I Know it for Math Practice!

I know it offers a 30 day free trial for families! So you can try out this online math practice program for yourself before you subscribe. The program is very flexible, easy to use, and a great resource for homeschool families. To hear more about how other homeschool families used I Know It this month, click below for more reviews from The Homeschool Review Crew!