Teach your preschooler to write the alphabet!

Teach your Preschooler to Write the Alphabet

It is so much fun when young children start wanting to write letters! Each of my kids have decided they want to write younger and younger! They each have watched their older brother writing and decide they want to do the same. Now is that time for my youngest. My little 2 year old has his own “school notebook” that he scribbles in. I realize that it’s time to start getting some more “school” stuff together for him. This week, I’m going to get out my Learn to Write the Alphabet workbook that I used for my other boys!

Several years ago, when my oldest son was just getting ready to learn to write letters, my sister and I decided to make our own handwriting practice pages. I wanted something fun for little kids that would make it easy for them to learn to write the alphabet. Today I am excited to tell you about the workbook we made to help teach our kids to write. Teach your pre-schoolers to write the alphabet with this great letter writing set! Trace large letters. Practice pre-writing skills. Begin start writing letters on their own.

If you are looking for something to help you start teaching your little one to read I think you will enjoy our Learn to Write the Alphabet set! It is the perfect resource for preschoolers.

A 2-3 year old will not enjoy using tracing pages that require tracing a full page of the letter in small print. Young children need to learn to write letters using larger motions. They will get frustrated very quickly if you try to teach them to write letters on the small tracing pages we see so often. These are great for children who know how to write letters already and just need practice to improve their handwriting. However, I do not recommend using workbooks with small print for young preschoolers.


Also, I added in a few pages prewriting skill practice before starting letters right away. Kids need to first learn to make straight lines, curved lines, and circles, before they can write letters.

Instead of having to reprint pages each time you use them, I recommend printing them once and reusing them. You will save a ton of money on ink and your kids will love it. Take a little time to laminate each page. Then punch holes in them and place them in a notebook or 3-pronged folder. (If you do not want to laminate the pages you can also use plastic sheet protectors.) Then your kids can use dry erase markers to practice their writing. Dry erase markers wipe off of laminating pages easily. Every now and then, when your pages start looking dingy, take a wet wipe to clean the pages. They will look brand new again!

My kids have all loved using these simple letter writing practice pages we made. Today I wanted to share it with you. Click the link below for a free sample of my product!

 Download Your Free Sample of my Preschool Learn to Write the Alphabet Set

If you enjoy these pages go ahead over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store for the entire alphabet set. Your kids will enjoy learning to write letters with their dry erase markers and will love the fun pictures on each page.

Teach your pre-schoolers to write the alphabet with this great letter writing set! Trace large letters. Practice pre-writing skills. Begin start writing letters on their own.

Download my Full Learn-to-Write the Alphabet set here!!

A few tips to begin teaching your kids to write…

No matter what resource you use, as you start teaching your preschoolers to write, here are a few things to remember:

  1. Don’t stick to Paper and Pencil only! Use dry erase boards, chalkboards, crayons, clay, sand, etc to let your kids practice writing letters!
  2. Practice with large motions! Young children need to use large movements to practice making letters. Using larger motions will help the children learn the letters and memorize the motions for them much quicker.
  3. Repetition! Kids will need to practice their letters over and over again in many different ways. If they are struggling don’t give up and don’t get frustrated. 
  4. Make it fun! Make sure your kids are having fun writing! Don’t force them to write if they are not ready!

What are your favorite ways to teach your kids to write letters? I would love to hear about them and use them with my little guy! Share them in the comments below!

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