Need help getting organized in your homeschool? Here are some tips to help!

Eliminate Chaos in Your Homeschool Day and Get Organized

This year one of our family’s major goals is to bring more order into all areas of our life. We want our business, our homeschool, our family life, and the space in our home to be used efficiently and operate smoothly. We know it’s time to restructure and declutter multiple areas of our life! It feels great!

The first place I felt I needed to start was to bring more order into our school day.  Last semester, I felt like I just squeezed school in between the million other things that I was trying to keep up with each day. It worked ok. My kids are fine. They are learning and are on track with where they should be. However, by December I was exhausted!!! When you’re a homeschool mom trying to find what the kids are supposed to be working on, and chasing a 3 year old around, and continually having to answer the “am I done with school” question over and over again, you get tired quickly.

If you are anything like me you are may be asking yourself, “Is it really possible to regularly have nice, calm, orderly days with my kids, and accomplish all that I need to each day?”

The answer is…

Yes it is!! You can bring order to your Homeschool Day!

Need help getting organized in your homeschool? Here are some tips to help!

You as parents, are in charge of your home! We have the authority to run our home, it doesn’t have to run us! The first step is to picture how you want your homeschool day to go? Then think about what you don’t like about your homeschool day. Now, what is your ideal day? Do you want to get started with school at a certain time everyday? Do you want to actually get done what you plan? Take these things you want to see happen and begin to make a plan. What type of structure do you need for the life you have in your home?! What will help you and your kids have the best day possible?

This year for my family, I knew we needed more structure. It was getting too hard get everything done and remember what needed to be done each day. It’s time to get organized!!

Making My Plan!

The first step I took towards changing our day is to decide what my kids needed to learn and do each day. What subjects or activities do we need/want to do each day? Then I decided how long it should take us to do each subject or activity? After I knew how much time everything would take, I made out our weekly schedule, putting each subject and homeschool activity in a time block. We get up about the same time each day, and start school around the same time.

Our Weekly Schedules

Need help getting organized in your homeschool? Here are some tips to help!The kids spend a certain amount of time on each subject! When they don’t get assignments done (if they are wasting time) they get to come back to it after everything else is completed! This has ensured we get things done in a timely manner, also enabling me to “finish” teaching at a certain time each afternoon. If they have assignments they didn’t finish they can work on them, and I can go ahead an do things I need to do for work or the home in the afternoon! My kids work much more diligently knowing they will have to finish their work “after school” if they don’t work during school!

Even if we start a little late, or take a little longer on certain subjects occasionally our schedule gives us the framework we need to pay attention to the time. It keeps us doing the same routine each day. This prevents the “am I done yet” questions! The kids know what the structure will be each day. They don’t have to ask if they are done! It also ensures I make time for the fun stuff!! I have our music, our art, history and science projects built right into the schedule! These things are no longer what we do “if we have time.” The “fun” things are just as important as every other part of our day!!

If you want to use this same method of structuring your time for your homeschool, you can download at blank template for free. Be sure to keep reading and click on the link for your template at the end of the post!

The next step…

Organizing our school time and subjects was the first step for me! It was huge in helping to bring order to my family’s homeschool day! However, I knew from the start of this restructuring that it would only be the beginning to truly bringing order to our days. I started thinking about all the things I needed to clean out, looking at my ever-growing to-do lists, and wondering how I could possibly bring order to all areas of our life at home. Honestly, it was a bit overwhelming. During this time, amazingly, I came across a link to a resource that I just have to tell you about!

The Organized Homeschool Life Planner

It is Dr. Melanie Wilson’s, from Psychowith6, Organized Homeschool Life Planner. I downloaded the digital copy of the Organized Homeschool Life Planner and Book this past weekend. The Homeschool Organized Life Book and Planner give homeschool mom’s the encouragement, guidance, and motivation they need to bring order to every area of your life at home!! It starts by encouraging you and your family’s time with the Lord, and then helps you set goals to make each area of your like more ordered and stronger! It offers weekly and daily planner pages, a monthly calendar, meal planners, and goal setting pages that work with her system to take one step at a time to organize you homeschool life.

Instead of tackling the big picture of getting my household organized all at once, which made my head spin, Dr. Melanie Wilson’s planner has helped me look at each part of our life and take it one step at a time. Now, I see how I can slow down, set goals for our family and know that we are continually growing and changing into a more organized and less “chaotic” homeschool!

And there’s more…

The other thing I love about this planner is that I can use it any way I want! I downloaded the digital copy. I was expecting pdf files that I would need to print myself to use. However, it is better than I could have imagined. With the digital download you will get editable pdf files! That means you can actually keep your planner digitally and never have to print anything unless you want to!

Need help getting organized in your homeschool? Here are some tips to help!Now, personally I have always loved the idea of a printed planner. I seem to start one every year. Unfortunately, I’m always misplacing it and never have it with me just when I need it. With the digital file, I have stored the daily and weekly pages, and meal planner/grocery list forms in google docs and in adobe reader cloud storage. Now I can open, view and type my goals and plans into the forms with my computer, phone or tablet! Now, whether I’m at home, sitting through a karate class, or at the store I have access to my planner! Wonderfully, It’s a planner I can’t misplace and I’m never without it! Also, with one of my goals, being less clutter in our home, it means one less book sitting around my kitchen!!!

I highly recommend this planner and book to every homeschool mom ready to get organized! Dr. Melanie Wilson is so gracious to offer a $5.00 discount on a digital copy of her planner or digital planner and book bundle to all my Entirely at Home Readers! Click the button below to receive your discount code. Then click the link to purchase your own Organized Homeschool Life System! This code will expire January 31, 2018, so act now!

Get Organized with The Organized Homeschool Life System

More Options!

However, if you don’t enjoy keeping everything digital, there are several options for you as well. You can download the digital version and print it yourself. Or you can even order a printed, and bound copy of the planner! Both are great affordable options for those who prefer to write something down!

If you are like me, a homeschool Mom who needs a little help to get to get more organized this year I highly recommend this planner and book. Check it out at, and see all that it has to offer. There is even a free download for the printable bucket list that will get you thinking and planning what your homeschool needs. Along with the freebie you will receive emails and short videos that will help you as you work to organize your homeschool!

Check out this amazing Planner and start bringing order to your Homeschool Days now!Check out this freebie and get started Organizing your homeschool life now!The time is now!

There is no better time to start getting rid of the chaos in your days! If you are like me, you long for days that you go to bed at night feeling accomplished and relaxed because you know you did everything you needed to that day. I want to encourage you that it is possible!! You can have a homeschool life that runs orderly and smoothly!

Here’s a few tips to help you make it happen!

Need help getting organized in your homeschool? Here are some tips to help!

1. Ask God what he has for your family’s homeschool and trust that He will guide you and help you  make it happen!

2. Take it one step at a time. Don’t try to tackle organizing your entire life all at once.

3. Find resources to help you along your way. (I found the Homeschool Life Planner)

4. Commit. Whatever plan you make, do it with all your heart, and consistently.

5. Include your whole family in your goals. Get your whole family excited about the goals you have for your family. Involve them in each step to organize your life!

Download my weekly schedule template now!

Need help getting organized in your homeschool? Here are some tips to help!

Are you working towards a more organized homeschool life? What are you big goals this year!! What does you family do to keep chaos out and order in your home? I love to hear from you! Comment below!

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  1. I thank the Lord I stumbled upon her through the group on Facebook as I needed help and was becoming overwhelmed and lost. Although we just started so I knew a schedule would help us out. But didn’t know where to get one until I saw the page you made and it is perfect. Thank you for creating it.

    1. You are very welcome! I’m glad it was a help to you! I know it was the lord I stumbled upon her planner and book as well! It definitely gave me the help, encouragement and motivation I needed!! Thanks!

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