Top 10 Websites for Free Homeschool Resources

Did you know that it is possible to homeschool almost completely for free? In the last 3 years of homeschooling I have found ways that I can teach my children without buying expensive curriculum sets. I find books for $2 or less at thrift stores, library sales, and used book stores. I take advantage of the books and resources at our local library. Also, there tons of free homeschool resources available online! I could spend hours everyday going through, pinterest or search engines looking at sites with free educational material.

The problem is, there are so many sites out there it’s easy to get lost and spend hours trying to find things that fit your needs! Today, I want to share with you 10 of my favorite online resources that I use regularly with my kids. I like my kids to learn and practice skills in a variety or ways. Therefore, this list has a mixture of sites with printable resources and activities, online learning games, and teaching.

Khan Academy

A friend of mine told me about Khan academy about a year ago. It offers full math courses for grades k-12 and a large selection of higher level courses like physics, chemistry, grammar, arts, history all for FREE! So far, because my kids are younger, we have only taken advantage of the early math. Both my 5 year old and 7 year old boys love to do their math on the computer. They get to work at their own pace practicing early math skills. There are also videos to watch that teach or review skills they are learning. I use this to supplement to our math program, however, it could easily be used as your main math curriculum for your homeschool! Everything is completely free to use on their website, but they do take donation if you are interested in supporting this program. Khan Academy is a non-profit organization with a goal to provide free education for anyone! It is dfinitely worth checking out!!


I stumbled across when I was looking for free reading materials for my 7 year old. Now I use reading resources from it several times a week! This site has a huge database of articles and lessons that range from a kindergarten to high school reading level, fiction and non-fiction,and on any topic you could ever need. All Completely FREE! My favorite thing about it is that I am able to find reading comprehension practice for my kids that complements our current science or social studies units. If you click on the “passages tab” it takes you to a list with 30 pages of articles on all topics and at all grade levels. However they have made it super easy to search for exactly what you need for your kids.  Below is a screenshot of  how many options they have to search with!

Recently, when we were doing a unit on space and the solar system I was able to find a ton of reading material for my kids! This week, I discovered that there is also ReadWorks Digital. This allows you to set up a class and assign articles to your kids for them to read (or listen to the audio) and answer comprehension questions all online! I can’t wait to save some paper and put that in our homeschool lessons for next week!


My kids love to just “play” on the National Geograpic Kids website. There are tons of games, videos, pictures and facts about science, animals, space, and the world. All of it is completely free! Although, my kids love to just play the games for fun, it is also one of my favorite resources to find a good video, pictures, or information for a science and social studies topics we are learning about in school!


If you are looking for a website where your kids can just play games to practice skills they are learning I highly recommend  I have been using this one since I taught in public school. They have a fee to join where you can log in and have the site completely free from ads. You are still able to use the full site without joining. The ads are always kid safe, usually just educational materials, and have not interrupted any of the games. has a ton of fun educational games ranging from grade pre-k to 5. There are games to practice reading and math, plus other many skill games like keyboarding!

5. is another site I have been using since my special education teacher days! It also has a paid subscription option that gives access to a wide range of skills including math curriculum. What I love is the main reading part of Starfall, which is still Free!! The main reading section is split into 4 Categories: ABC’s, Learn to Read, It’s fun to Read, and Now I’m reading. My favorite part is the Learn to Read section which has 15 different interactive phonics stories with word family practice and letter sound videos! It provides great reading practice for early readers and pre-schoolers. Also kids love it! They feel like they are playing games when, they are really reading!

6. Hubbard’s Cupboard

My favorite site for printable reading materials for preschool-1st grade activities and resources is definitely I love the printable sight word booklets, and word family booklets and activities! Everything on Hubbard’s cupboard is free to use. In addition to the printable resources there are a lot of wonderful resources and ideas about homeschooling. There is also an entire preschool curriculum you can use! If you are looking for printable materials for early readers definitely check out this site.


Spelling city is a great interactive site for kids to practice spelling and vocabulary. This is another site that has a free option and a premium option you may purchase. Everything they offer is a great resource for homeschoolers! Spelling city is set up so that you register as the teacher/parent and set up a class. Then you are able to type in word lists that you want your kids to work on. I love that I can decide what words I want my kids to work on.  It is an amazing way to let your kids have a little fun with their spelling and vocabulary work on the computer. My kids love the games!

I started using for my 7 year old this year, however my 5 year old wanted to do it so bad that I set up some simple lists for him as well! He loves to get to practice his words on the the computer. It also enables me to let them do their spelling tests independently, allowing me to do guided activities with my other children.

8. Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool

If you are looking for a complete comprehensive Christian curriculum for your child I recommend checking out They have set up an amazing program to help anyone homeschool their children, no matter their training, finances or availability of resources. Even if you do not want to follow the entire curriculum you may find some helpful resources to print or supplement your current homeschool program. All of their resources are available to print for free or view directly on the computer, even the reading material. They do however have options to purchase some materials in workbook form, if you don’t want to print out everything individually. They also accept donations if you want to support this amazing program.

9. Teachers pay Teachers

Teachers pay Teachers is an online open marketplace for educators to buy and sell resources. No, not everything on is free, however there are a lot of free and very low cost resources available. If you are having trouble finding a specific type of resource I recommend searching here. There is a little bit of everything on (any grade, any subject, forms, lesson plans, worksheets, entire unit studies!) Also, if you create some of your own resources and want to be able share them with other homeschoolers or teachers it’s so easy to do! Just create an account (there options free and paid accounts) and start uploading your products!

10. This Reading Mama is an amazing blog about all things literacy! She gives endless ideas for teaching reading, writing, comprehension, spelling and phonics to your children. She is constantly adding new printable resources and ideas to help you teach your kids to read, and strengthen their reading skills! The amazing thing is, she offers almost everything completely free. There is a shop where you can purchase bundled resources just to make printing easier, if you don’t want to download and print resources individually. All of her printables are very well designed, kid friendly and easy to use! I used her Reading the Alphabet resource for my kids when they were preschoolers and it was amazing! I haven’t found anything on her site that I haven’t loved!
Brainy Bundles

So there you have it! My top 10 favorite websites for Free Homeschool Resources. There a lot of other sites out there that I use occasionally. These 10 are the ones I go to very regularly! Several of them I use daily! If you have a few favorite sites that you use for free homeschool resources I would love to hear about it! I always love to find new resources to teach my boys! Feel free to write in some of your favorite sites in the comments below!


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    1. Thanks Crystal!! Those are some great ones also!! I have not heard of! I will definitely have to check those out!! I was thinking recently about looking for something to start teaching other languages!!

      1. Duolingo has just about ANYTHING…at one point I think they even had Klingon and some Middle Earth languages…haha.

  1. I really love Khan Academy and their mission to provide FREE education! It is international in scope.
    I forgot to mention for languages, Duolingo!
    We bought Rosetta Stone and I immediately realized how similar the style of Duolingo is to Rosetta Stone.

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