2020 looks to be a year full of new opportunities and change for our family!

2020 A year of Changes

2020 is here in full force and today I want to share with you about the many changes happening this year! We will still be Entirely At Home, working and schooling our children from home. However, God has led us to start not just 1 but 2 new business endeavors this year.

George’s New Business

First of all, over the past year my husband has been taking lessons to pursue a dream he has had for many years. Very soon, this year he will be officially launching a career in professional voice over work. He has the talent, and has put a ton of time and work into making this possible. I am so excited to see where this opportunity takes him! Look for more on this over the next few months. We will be launching his own website with his demo soon! This means he will be very busy this year as his focus changes over from eCommerce to professional voice over work.

Mary’s New Job

SMART Testing (Smoky Mountain Academic Resources and Training)

In August last year, I had the opportunity to meet with the Director of SMART (Smoky Mountain Academic Resources and Training). After much prayer, and training, I am excited to say that I have officially started working as an associate with this amazing company. This is the perfect job for me! I am able to use my previous education experience, but still have a flexible enough schedule to homeschool my children. I also have the opportunity to provide support to homeschool families. Through SMART I am working in my area as a consultant, and licensed test administrator for the Woodcock-Johnson IV. Check out my profile page with SMART for more information!

SMART Smoky Mountain Academic Resources and Training

The Woodcock-Johnson IV Test is a group of individual standardized tests given 1-1. It is not your typical, bubble in the correct answer test! It tests all academic areas in a variety of ways. Then it gives you a good picture of your child’s academic level. After testing is complete we give parents the results and interpret the scores immediately. Parents get a full comprehensive report including feedback and suggestions for what may help in their child’s education. I am thrilled to be a part of this team.

For our family this means I will have several days a week I will be busy testing for parts of the day. The kids will be to adjusting to some changes with their school routine as I balance more work and homeschooling. I am so thankful for my husband, George, as he is being so encouraging and supporting me in this new business endeavor. He is working to help me around the house even more, and makes dinner when I have busier days!

The Homeschool Review Crew

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In addition to my work with SMART, I have been given the oppotunity to be a part of the Homeschool Review Crew with The Old Schoolhouse this year. Therefore, throughout the year I will be using and then reviewing many different homeschool resources and curriculum. This will enable me to have more knowledge and experience with different homeschool curriculum. I have already completed my first review of SchoolhouseTeachers.com. Go ahead and check it out here when you can!

I am excited to share this experience with you all on Entirely at Home. Also, I will be able to use this experience with many different homeschool resources to help and advise families that I connect with through SMART Testing. It is exciting to see how each opportunity God has given us recently fits together perfectly.

2020 is a year of many changes for our family at Entirely at Home

We are Adjusting to Changes!

Along with these new businesses, we will continue to homeschool our children, work with our church, and run our eCommerce business. It is sure to be a very busy year with all these changes! Needless to say, we are in the process of working on our schedule to fit it all in. Look for more updates and tips throughout this year as we work to make our homeschool and home businesses work together!