Sick days are unavoidable sometimes. Here are some tips for getting through your homeschool sick days!

Homeschool Sick Days

Because Homeschool Moms, and Kids get sick too!

As much as we try to avoid it, there are those days when the kids get sick and so do the parents! Today is one of those days for us. The question I always ask, as a homeschool mom, is how much school can we or should we get done. I like to keep to a regular schedule with my kids as much as possible. However, sometimes it’s OK to just say, “Today is a sick day!”

What to remember when you have sick days!

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Sick days are unavoidable sometimes. Here are some tips for getting through your homeschool sick days!
  1. Do only what you can! What you do on days when you and/or your kids are sick depends on how sick everyone is! Don’t push yourself too hard. Sometimes you may do absolutely nothing other than take your kids to the doctor!
  2. Older well kids can do some of their daily independent work, even when you or others are sick! (That’s what my older two kids are doing right now) They may not love it, but if you have their work planned out and ready, it will help you to have them go do what they can on their own. You can still rest, and some of your kids will be busy doing work that they can complete on their own. You can be satisfied knowing that they are still learning.
  3. TV School days are perfect for homeschool sick days! Have some movies on standby. There are tons of movies based on books you may have read recently, that would be perfect for a day of rest for you. has several great video courses you could “work on” or start together. Amazon Prime, Youtube, Netflix and Hulu, all have great educational series for different ages. There are so many options online now, I guarantee you will find something related to what you are studying or, a topic that will interest you and your kids, so that you are still “schooling” on a sick day! You can rest and your kids can learn!
  4. Some days nothing is best! Remember that its OK to say “the best thing to do today is just nothing!!” Let your kids lay around, watch TV, play games, or just sleep! Let yourself do the absolute minimum just to get through the day so that you can rest and get better also! Take care of yourself as much as possible, while taking care of your kids! Know that it will be OK, and the schoolwork, and housework will all get done another day, when everyone is well.

What do you do?

What do your homeschool sick days look like? Share your tips below in the comments!