Christmas Planning

It’s that time of year again!!

I can’t believe it’s almost ChristyourIf your family is anything like mine your kids are bouncing off the wall, and your to-do list feels like its 2 miles long and just seems to keep growing!!

I really do love Christmastime! The Christmas music playing in the background while working and doing schoolwork with the kids puts a smile on my face. I love how excited the kids get each day with our countdown to Christmas. Also, the smell of Christmas treats baking makes everyone in our house happy!

Unfortunately, this time of year can also get very busy, hectic and stressful. We are still trying to get a little more school in before we take a break for the holidys. Also, our online sales business is even more busy than usual this time of year! Then, I add in the christmas programs, parties, and our own little family traditions. Looking at all this it is easy to get overwhelmed and start to lose the joy of the season.

My solution…

Today I decided do share with you how I am getting ready for the two weeks leading up to Christmas! I love to-do lists and schedules. I write out what I need to do and plan when I’m going to try to get it done. This makes everything a lot more fun for me, and a little less stressful. If I plan out what I need to do each day, I can simply take my giant to-do list one day at a time and not get overwhelmed!

This year I am using a 3-ring binder to keep all my school-plans, lists, and schedules. To make my lists a little more fun this month, I created holiday themed lists and schedule pages to plan my christmas schedule on. I am getting ready to print them out now and fill in what I need to do for the next 14 days! Then I can just punch some holes in them and stick them in my notebook.

If you would like to use these holiday schedule pages and lists, I have made them available to you for free! Simply click on the link below to download your copy. Included in this PDF file are weekly schedule pages and to-do lists for the next 2 weeks, and several options for christmas gift checklists.

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I hope you have a relaxed and stress free holiday season!


Click on the link below to Download these Christmas Planning pages!

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