Have your ever punished your kids and then wished for their consequences. Here is a list of a few punishments my kids get that I would actually love!

5 “Consequences” for kids, that would be “Rewards” for Moms

Have your ever punished your kids and then wished for their consequences. Click to read more about these punishments my kids get that I would actually love!Have you ever punished your kids or even just threatened to punish them for something and afterwards you think, “I wish that would happen to me”? It is so funny what we find enjoyable or want now, as moms,  has changed so drastically since we were kids. After watching my kids “suffer” and be upset with their “consequences” for disobeying, I decided to have some fun and make a list of all the things that we use as consequences for kids, but that moms, would love!

1. An Early Bedtime!Have your ever punished your kids and then wished for their consequences. Click here to read a list of punishments my kids get that I would actually love!

Ok, so last night, I was particularly tired after a busy weekend, and I heard my kids in trouble with their Dad. I heard the end of their conversation where my husband said, “the next one who argues with me or talks back will go straight to bed!” I couldn’t resist. The first chance I got (when my kids were out of earshot) I said to him, “If I argue with you, do I have to go straight to bed?” I think almost any mom I know would love the chance to have everything taken care of and to just be able to go to bed early!

 2. A Time Out!

After watching my toddler scream and cry because he was made to sit in a chair for 5 minutes, I thought “Is sitting in a chair really that bad?” Time out is such a common go-to punishment we use for our kids. We all probably had to sit in time out as a kid at one point or another. However, think about having to sit in time out now. You have to sit down somewhere quietly, with no one allowed to talk to you. Also, you are not allowed to do anything or talk to anyone. Sounds like heaven to me! As mom’s of small kids, we often don’t even get a “time out” when we go to use the bathroom!

3. Eat without talking!

Often our kids get so busy talking or playing at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, that they don’t get a lot of eating done. We have to tell them to stop talking or doing other things and just focus on eating! Wouldn’t that be great as a mom! We are so busy answering everyones questions, and taking care of everyone else, we rarely just get to sit and enjoy a hot meal! Wouldn’t it be nice to have to sit down and just eat without doing anything else?

4. Turn off the TV and/or Video Games

With 3 little boys my house is rarely completely quiet! And of course like most other boys they love their tv and video game time! In those rare occasions when the house is empty and everyone is napping, I love to enjoy a quiet house. To have to keep the TV off is no punishment for me anymore! It is amazing to be able to have no noise, no video game sound effects, music, and/or tv shows echoing through the house. A quiet house with no tv on is something most mom’s rarely get to enjoy!

5. You’re Grounded

Being grounded as a kid or teenager usually meant missing out on some fun activities you had planned, having to stay home, sometimes stay in your room. That wouldn’t be such a bad punishment now would it? For a mom, being grounded for a few days would just mean you get to stay home with your family, relax in your room, no shuttling everyone around, no running errands, and no trips to the grocery store! I could definitely use being grounded for a few days every now and then!

So “Punish” yourself every now and then…

So seriously now, being a mom is hard! I love it and wouldn’t trade the time with my boys now for anything! It is fun to think about and laugh about how the tables have turned since we were kids! However, it also reminded me of something important! As mom’s we need to make sure we are taking care of ourselves also! If you find yourself wishing for a time out, take one. Take a nice long bath and relax or just go have some quiet time to read (your husband can take care of things for a little while). Ask for help when you need to! When you are exhausted, let some things wait and just go to bed after you get your kids in bed!

If you need some quiet, make it happen. Turn off the TV and the games and let the kids have quiet play or reading time for a little while. It won’t hurt them, I promise! It’s good for our kids to learn to be quiet when they are told to! If you never get to enjoy your meals, then sometimes feed your kids their lunch or breakfast first. When they are done, let them go play or even watch a tv show if you need to, so you have a chance to eat your meal in peace!

I would love to hear from you!

Are their consequences that you give to your kids that you find yourself wishing for? What are they? You don’t have to just keep wishing for things that you think you can’t have! Remember you, as a mom, have authority over your children. You can change your schedule and how you run your day, so that you are taking care of yourself, as well as your children! You get to give and take time outs whenever necessary!! Leave comments below or contact me via e-mail, with any thoughts or questions you have!

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Have your ever punished your kids and then wished for their consequences. Here is a list of a few punishments my kids get that I would actually love!

2 thoughts on “5 “Consequences” for kids, that would be “Rewards” for Moms

  1. What a fun way to flip things around and see each “consequence” as a blessing to adults! I think the reason why kids are upset about most of these punishments is because they have too much energy and too little patience, so that these actually hurt.

    1. Yes, It was fun to think about, how much I would love a “time-out” now, but hated it as a kid! You are so right! Having to sit for 5 minutes is one of the worst things you can do to my 5 year old boy!

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