The Reading Game is a Great resource for homeschooling and gameschoolingteaching children to learn to read, and strengthen their reading fluency skills.

Enjoy Teaching Your Homeschoolers with The Reading Game

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The Reading game is great for homeschool families with beginning or struggling readers.

There is not much a homeschool parent dislikes more than their kids dreading schoolwork. We strive to make homeschool fun and teach our little ones to love to learn. So often, when our young children are struggling to learn to read, school can feel difficult or hard. You and your kids can get frustrated some days. I’ve been in that place again with my youngest myself lately. Reading has just not clicked for him yet. I needed some ways to build his confidence and make reading fun. That’s where The Reading Game, 2nd Edition, from Allsaid & Duun, LLC comes in!

What is The Reading Game?

The Reading Game, from Allsaid & Duun, LLC, was created by Kenneth Hodkinson, the author of Wordly Wise, and is exactly what is sounds like. It is a game to play with beginning or struggling readers that helps them learn to read. Children will learn to read as they regularly play memory matching games with sight word cards. As the children are “playing” with you, their teacher, classmate, or sibling, they are actually committing the sight words to memory. Each set of words correlate to passage cards to practice reading, and then to a book. The passage cards and books consist entirely of the words that are practiced in the games. The pictures below show you all the resources you receive with The Reading Game. It is an excellent for gameschooling with your children, and to help learning to read become a little more fun!

Learning to read with my Kindergartener

This is my homeschooler playing the matching game to learn and practice the sight words.

My Kindergarten son loves The Reading Game. He is a beginning reader and The Reading Game was an excellent way to encourage him in learning to read. As a very active 6 year old boy he would always rather play than “do schoolwork”. The Reading Game does not feel like schoolwork to him. It is something he gets to play. It also is perfect for him that you can play the game in 5-10 minutes, so it keeps his attention.

He loved each time he got to a picture card or a book that he could now read after playing The Reading Game.
You have to pose for at least one picture when we are trying out new homeschool games, right?

My son and I have been working through the card sets a little at a time. Each color set has 6 numbered sets that practice 5 words at a time. The numbers are on the backs of the cards so it is very easy to keep the cards sorted. You only play the memory game with 5 words at a time. As you match cards, you and your student read the words. We usually play the memory game multiple times, until he can read all the words correctly without hesitation. Every 2 sets that are mastered has a picture card to read. My son was so proud to be able to easily and quickly be able to read the card after mastering the word sets.

The game worked well to build my son’s confidence in reading and boost his sight word knowledge. We are going to continue to enjoy playing The Reading Game together this year! I wish I had had this game with my older two children when they were in Kindergarten.

You Can Try The Reading Game for Your Struggling or Beginning Reader too!

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