What Does Homeschooling Really Look Like

What does homeschooling look like? Have you just started homeschooling? Are you thinking about homeschooling and want to know what it would really be like? Or do you just want some encouragement as you homeschool?

Well, one thing is to remember is that every homeschool will look different! You don’t have to have the perfect homeschool room like you’ve seen on Pinterest. It doesn’t always look like kids sitting at their desks as you stand up and teach them like you might picture. It is also normal to have ups and downs! I can’t tell you exactly what your homeschool should look like, that is actually up to you. However, today I do want to give you a picture of some common things that you can expect to see in your home when you homeschool.

Homeschooling Looks Like…

eating dinner with science projects pushed aside on the kitchen table.
Homeschooling while reading on the kitchen floor
My son has literally been reading his books laying on the kitchen floor. That’s how we homeschool some days!
kids laying on the kitchen floor completing a reading assignment.
working on schoolwork in your pajamas.
your kindergartener (or younger kids) sitting in on your older kids science and history lessons.
kids doing school in the car while you run errands.
homeschooling while helping in the kitchen, making applesauce
One of our recent homeschool days was spend making applesauce together! Great learning experience and memories!
a change in your regular school schedule because of the nice weather.
your kids’ school work spread out in 4 different rooms of your house.
you squeezing in a shower while your kids are doing some independent work.
an afternoon spent listening to an audiobook because everyone (including you) wants to know how the book ends.
you moving back and forth teaching and helping your kids with their different subjects.
listening to a child read while doing the dishes.
pausing a lesson to take a phone call.
Homeschool can happen all over the house. Here we are working on the coffee table in the living room.
Homeschool being completed on the living room coffee table.
finding your kids creating their own board game on a rainy day.
then, you spending hours helping your kids create their board game.
history lessons disguised as a movie and snacks.
hours spent on Pinterest looking for that perfect resource.
taking time off school for cleaning days.
your child working on different “grade levels” in each subject.
fun days spent getting school work done quickly to go to the park and play with friends.
Take a break sometimes. Here is one of our favorite things. A homeschool picnic and outing.
A Fun Homeschool Day Picnic!
also, days spent being frustrated with your kids as they drag their feet to get assignments done.
your kids finishing a curriculum or workbook with months left of the school year, leaving you left to decide what to do next.
days of worry, and maybe even tears that you aren’t doing enough and concern that your kid is still struggling with math or reading.
but then, proud moments as you see your child overcome their struggles and begin learning to read or solve math problems.
excitement over your older kids reading, loving to learn new things, and working ahead independently.
Teach your kids to love learning and reading. Homeschooling can give kids the chance to love learning. Here are my boys reading by choice together.
Fining my 11, 9, and 6 year old boys reading together by choice.
you spending some time working each weekend to make sure you have a plan for what your children will be doing in school the next week.
pure joy and excitement over figuring out a schedule that allows you to work with each of your kids on what they need each day.
being tired after days spend being a parent and teacher, managing your home, and possibly even working as well.

And so much more…

Homeschooling is a rollercoaster of ups and downs. You will have good days and hard ones. Your homeschool will not necessarily look like your neighbor’s.

Ultimately what homeschooling looks like is up to you. No you can’t control all the variables but you as the parent get to choose what you want your homeschool to look like. Do you want to do crafts everyday? Do you want to let your kids lay on the floor to read a book, or will everyone sit at desks? Will school be done in a school room, spread out on the kitchen table, or maybe all over the house? Are you a workbook kind of family or all hands-on learning? There is no right or wrong, and there is no perfect homeschool.

Homeschooling can look different for everyone! But if you're curious what homeschooling is really like keep reading. Here is a picture of what our homeschool days  and many others often look like.

All the things above are common things that you will see if you looked closely at my homeschool. We aren’t perfect. But it works for us! If you are planning or thinking about homeschooling, know that it won’t be perfect. It isn’t going to always look like the pictures you might see online! But you can have wonderful peaceful homeschool days. You can have the joy of teaching your kids and seeing them learn and grow each day!

What does your homeschool look like? I had fun thinking of this list of things I see in our homeschool. I hope it is an encouragement to you. If you are homeschooling comment below and tell me about your homeschool. Let’s take time and encourage one another in all that we do in our homeschools!

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