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Mental Math with Math Sprint from Byron’s Games

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

After having so much fun earlier this year playing and reviewing Continent Race from Byron’s Games, my family was thrilled to get to try their newest game, Math Sprint this fall. Math Sprint – The Mental Math Game from Byron’s Games is a fun new board game that gives your kids practice in mental math facts.

The Math Sprint Game

What I love the most about Math Sprint is that is sooo easy to play! Also, that there really is no wrong way to play! The game is extremely versatile, making it possible to play with mixed ages and abilities, younger kids, or older kids. My kids were easily able to play this together, (a kindergartner, 4th grader, and 6th grader). The game concept is that each of the players is running a race. You draw cards and answer math facts to move your player. You can have up to 8 people playing together. (Perfect for a school group or co-op to play together as well). My kids also liked that they could look at each of the characters and see a picture of them and their hobby on the back of the directions! They quickly each picked their favorite character to be.

The Mental Math Fact Cards

The game cards consist of basic addition and subtraction facts, basic multiplication and division facts, challenge cards with word problems or 2-3 digit addition or subtraction, and coach tip cards with have the play move backward of forward. This game is easily played with players of different math ability levels or ages. Simply decide at the beginning of the game which cards you want to use for your kids. If you want your kids to work on only basic addition and subtraction simply separate out those cards. (Each level of card is color coded differently so it is easy to quickly separate them.) The same goes for multiplication, division, and challenge cards. Math Sprint also includes blank cards with a dry erase marker. Therefore, you can also make your own questions that you want your kids to answer.

In our case, I wanted my kindergartener to only get simple addition or subtraction cards. So, I make a deck just for him draw out of. Then I put multiplication, division, and challenge cards in a deck for my older boys to draw from. This allows all my boys to play together but receive the questions that they need practice on! I also made it a bit more challenging for my older kids in one game by having them race to answer the question first. The one that wrote the correct answer on a dry erase card first and put their hand up got to move that turn. (They really liked doing this and it really challenged them!) They were pretty even with their basic facts so this worked out great for us.

The Game Board

The game board is very sturdy and colorful! It also provides the other way that the game is flexible and can be modified to fit your needs. It is a track. Starting Places are marked to play a 100M, 200M or 400M Race. The 400M Race Game takes players around the whole track. The longest game we played took us about 45 minutes doing the 400M. That was also the first time we played, (so it took us a little longer than usual). If you want to play a quick 15-20 game it can easily be done with the 100M or 200M race games. My boys favorite part of the game are the physical exercises on the board. The liked landing on a space and being able to get up and do jumping jacks, jog in place, hop, etc.

Try Math Sprint – The Mental Math Game with Your Family

We have had a lot of fun with Math Sprint – The Mental Math Game. I am happy that we have been able to add this to our game collection! It has been and will be a great go to resource and fun way to practice our mental math facts for a long time. If you want to hear what other families from the Homeschool Review Crew thought of Math Sprint click below! If you want to add it to your collection go ahead it is available now, check it out on Byron’s games website!

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#FreeProductReceived Byron's Games has released another fun new Learning Game for your Kids! Math Sprint the Mental Math Game is great for fun practice of math facts! Click to find out more! #gamesforkids #hsreviews #byronsgames #mathgames #homeschoolgames #mathsprint @byronsgames