Being able to see the small things and be thankful each day has been important in or family! Read more for a simple way to spread thankfulness in your home! #thankfulness #familytime #spreadthankfulness

A Simple Way to Spread Thankfulness in your Home!

My husband and I work to make sure we are raising our family to be thankful always. However, it is so easy to get wrapped up in the daily routine, focus on difficult times, daily stress, schoolwork, and all the things you didn’t get to do that you wanted to each day! I realize sometimes as we talk about the stresses of the day, some of the troubling times in our world, and deal with disappoint after disappointment, we can often lose our sense of thankfulness. Have you seen this happen in your family?

Thankfulness in our Dinnertime Conversations

Several years ago my oldest son started a simple routine in our family. This routine has become an anchor to thankfulness for all of us! And it’s really so simple! As we were having dinner together, my son asked each person in the family what our favorite part of the day was. It caught on. Soon, every night someone in the family would begin the “What was your favorite part of the day?” conversation! We noticed quickly that this simple conversation often changed everyone’s mood. So that easily my, then 9 year old, son got the whole family focused on looking for something that we each enjoyed about the day! Whether the day as a whole may seem hard, or not, we can all take time to look for something that was good, that we can be thankful for.

My husband and I have learned that it doesn’t have to be hard to show thankfulness. Find a way to take your focus off all the little stressful things. Then look for what happened each day that you can be thankful for, that you enjoyed! Even if it’s something small, focus on those things!

Do you have any routine’s in your home that help everyone be more thankful? I always love hearing ideas for how to bring more joy into our home! Comment below and share how your family spreads thankfulness!

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2 thoughts on “A Simple Way to Spread Thankfulness in your Home!

  1. I love these thoughts – this post! Being thankful keeps us close to God. I like to light a candle in the kitchen for the day to remind me to be thankful. God tells us to be thankful in EVERYTHING!😊💕

  2. Love this! We do best part and worst part at the table. Sometimes we get some good insight into their day that we didn’t know happened (sometimes they use it to tattle so if we’ve had a rough day we skip worst part. I love hearing best parts of the day!

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