Are you overwhelmed trying to manage you work at home and homeschool schedule? Click for some tips to see how you can make it work!

Tips for the Homeschool, Home Business Family

Do you feel sometimes that there is too much going on at home? Are you feeling overwhelmed by everything you are trying to get done? Do you feel like you will collapse if one more thing gets added to your to do list? I think that it is easy for a lot of mom’s to have these feelings! I know I have been there before!

At our house every part of our life happens from our home! Years ago, my husband and I decided we would homeschool our kids. Also, we found ourselves starting our own business and running that from our home as well! Needless to say, things can get a little crazy sometimes trying to manage everything. The past few years have taught us a few things that have helped keep our house a little more sane, and a little less chaotic. If you are trying to live, work and or school in your home here are a few tips that will help you make things work!

1. Set and follow a schedule

One of the most important things we have found is that if we are going to get anything done at all, we have to have a schedule!! First of all, a regular school routine has been key for our kids. If I do not consistently stay on schedule with our school time, and make it a regular part of the day, the kids see room for arguments or try to bargain their way out school. The best thing I can do, to make sure our days run smoothly, and we get our school plans accomplished, is to keep to a regular routine.Are you overwhelmed trying to manage you work at home and homeschool schedule? Click for some tips to see how you can make it work!

Also, if you are going to run your own business, keeping a regular schedule is vital. Many people think working for yourself would mean a ton of flexibility and being able work whenever you want. However, without disciplining yourself to a work schedule it will be very difficult to get much work done, or see success. Be prepared to figure out a schedule that works for you and your family and commit to it. Our kids need to know that on the weekdays Daddy will be working, and that they will be having school time. Now, I know sometimes plans need to change, but if you are consistent with a good school and work schedule you will find room for flexibility when you need it!

2. Respect each other’s work

I know, beyond of shadow of a doubt, that what my husband does with our home business is vitally important to our home. He also, knows that my responsibilities with our children’s school, running the day to day things in our home, and my work, is a priority for our family. I trust and respect my husbands work schedule. By this, I mean I honor his schedule and what needs to be done, and he does the same for me. I know if I try to convince him everyday to sleep in, hang out with me and the kids, or help me with other things I want to do, he will be unable to get work done. This will only cause him more stress!

Also, respecting my husbands work, sets the example my kids need. If the kids and I are constantly interrupting him with things we need or want, it is very difficult for him to get work done. He loves to spend time with me and our kids and doesn’t want to ignore our needs. However, if he doesn’t get work done, our bills don’t get paid.  My kids know that sometimes, even though daddy is home, he is working. They have learned that what he does is important and understand that he has to work.

3. Share the workload

Another important thing to remember is to always be ready to help each other. There is always an endless to do list at our house! When things get especially crazy for my husband, I try to pitch in where I can. Sometimes we plan to work together at night after our kids are asleep. Also, I set aside time during the day, (get the kids occupied with something) and help him get some work done, if he is overloaded.

My husband sees when I have a full plate as well. He doesn’t leave all the housework to only me. He knows I work hard with the kids schooling and my online work as well, and often does a load of laundry, will run the vacuum, or do the dishes. Also, he tries to be a part of the kids schooling as well. He talks to them about what they are doing and learning, and takes time to read with them regularly. It makes everything so much easier when you know you are not alone in it!

4. Have a separate place for work

There was a point when our business had spilled over to every part of our house! Our small online sales business had very quickly turned into a full-time business and our inventory grew exponentially, very suddenly! We had no where to put everything! Boxes were filling every free nook and cranny of our house. My husbands office was so full he couldn’t even shut the door. Every where we looked work was staring us in the face! It was impossible to rest, because there was a huge pressure to go through all the new inventory we had to get space back in our home. It felt like we needed to work all the time!

One of the best decisions we ever made was to add a space to our house for our business. It was an investment that has more than paid for itself. By adding a space to our home, we have been able to continue to add to our inventory, and increase our business. But, another huge benefit was that it also gave us some separation of our work and home. Working at home can be a huge blessing. However, if you want to be able to rest when you are not working make sure you find a way to separate yourself from your work every now and then.

5. Be flexible

This may seem like I’m contradicting myself since I stated earlier you should set and follow a schedule. Setting and keeping a schedule is important, however you also need to be ready to be flexible. Things will happen that will cause you to change plans sometimes. There are times when we need to pack the kids up and go on a road trip for a book sale or pick up inventory. As important as a schedule is, it is also important to not be so tied to your schedule that you miss one of the biggest benefits or working from home and homeschooling. You are in charge of your schedule. If you need to take some time off or change things up, you can. If something is not working with your schedule for your family change it to suite what your family needs.

6. Enjoy your family time!

Working from home and homeschooling has been a huge blessing to our family! Yes it is busy and a lot of work, however we get to enjoy a lot of time together! I get to teach my own children, which I love, and I get to have my husband home (even if he is working) with us during the day. We get to share most of our  meals together as a family, and get to spend a lot more time together than the average family. I count every minute with our family as a huge blessing! Yes, it’s busy and a lot of work, but our kids will only be young for a short while. My husband and I want to enjoy every minute of it as we can.

If you choose to, and are able to, homeschool see it as the blessing it is, and make sure your enjoy it! Remember that it is possible to run a business and school at home with your family! Do not become overwhelmed by it all. Figure out what works for your family!

Do you homeschool or have a home business? What helps your home run a little more smoothly? Comment Below!

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Are you overwhelmed trying to manage you work at home and homeschool schedule? Click for some tips to see how you can make it work!

4 thoughts on “Tips for the Homeschool, Home Business Family

  1. Thank you so much for this! We are still relatively new to working at home (about a year), and it is so hard to maintain balance. We have not yet found the “perfect” schedule that works for us. The kids homeschooling is obviously very important, but then our work time gets pushed way into the evening. It’s good to know that there are other families out there making it work. It gives me hope!

    1. Glad it was encouraging to you! Yes you can make it work. There are always bumps in the road, but you will find things that work for you. It is a difficult balance but definitely possible! Just keep making adjustments and one day everything will start to flow more naturally!

  2. Thanks for this article! My husband has owned a business going on 5 years now (at home!), and we’re a homeschooling family of 4 boys. It’s January, so I’m (again) trying to figure out our best schedule, cut out things that don’t need to be there, and find the joy in this wonderful life we’ve created. Not many families look like ours, but it’s a wonderful blessing and also a challenge. My husband’s Skypes and corporate calls are the most funny part of our day. 🙂

    1. You are very welcome! Thank you! I’m in the same place this year again! I have learned that I have to continually re-evaluate and make the schedule work for our needs at the time. It is wonderful and a challenge!! I love being home together, being able to work with my husband (as much as possible between homeschooling) I also love the freedom that we get to make our own schedule! It is a blessed Life!!

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