Looking for books that your early readers will like? Here is a list if books your kids will enjoy reading!

14 Books your Early Readers Will Want to Read!

How can we actually get our kids excited about reading? It is so important to get our kids loving and choosing to read when they are young. My kids were always excited about me reading to them when they were babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Even now, my 5 and 7 year old boys love our times reading together. However, it can be difficult to find books that my kids choose to read on their own. Let’s face it, a lot of beginning reader books are a little boring. However, if there is too much text our kids get frustrated and do not enjoy reading!

When kids are beginning readers it is important to find books that they will both enjoy and be successful with. I am always on the hunt for books that are about subjects my kids are interested in, that are funny, have fun pictures, and have text at a beginning reading level.

In honor of National Reading month (March) I decided to share a list of my kid’s favorite early reader books. This list contains books or series of books that are perfect for the young readers in your house. These books range in level from early Kindergarten to early 2nd grade. Most importantly, always look for books that excite your kids about reading. Here are some of the books that my kids are excited to read right now!

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1. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? – Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle is an amazing first picture book for your kids. The words are predictable and easy enough for very early readers. The animal pictures are adorable and will keep your kids attention throughout the book!

2.  Go, Dog, Go! – P.D. Eastman

 Go, Dog, Go! by P.D. Eastman has been a favorite on my kids list for years. Now they love reading this silly story about all the dogs independently. The book is filled with basic sight words and some decodable text, which is great practice for your early readers.

3. Biscuit – Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Alyssa Satin Capucilli has written an amazing series for kids with Biscuit.  The stories are all about a cute puppy. The text is very simple and predictable and will be easy for your kids to read. Some other titles in this series we have enjoyed are Bathtime for Biscuit, Biscuit’s Day at the Farm, and Biscuit and the Baby.

4. Are you My Mother? – P.D. Eastman

Are you my mother? by P.D. Eastman is a fun story about a little bird. The story has some repetitive text which will be great reading practice for your kids. Your kids will enjoy all the silly animals and things that the baby bird finds and mistakes for his mother.

5. Hop on Pop – Dr. Seuss 

Dr. Seuss’s Hop on Pop is one of my favorite books to use to teach my kids to read. It is the perfect book for younger readers working on phonics.  Your kids will love all the silly things that happen in this book and will enjoy that they are able sound out the words themselves!

6. Pete the Cat books – James Dean

James Dean has written a whole series of fun early reader books that your kids will love about Pete the Cat! These books are mostly at a first grade reading level. They are the perfect book to transition your early readers into picture books that are a little longer and with more words. There are tons of fun titles to enjoy like, Pete the Cat: Scuba-Cat, Pete the Cat: Snow Daze, and Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach.

 7.  Henry and Mudge books – Cynthia Rylant

Henry and Mudge is one of my favorite book series for kids. The first book tells the story of a little boy henry getting his dog Mudge. Each book in the series tells a new story of what Henry and Mudge and Henry’s family do together. These books are at a 1st- 2nd grade reading level. They will make great first chapter books for your young readers! A few of our favorites in this series are Henry and Mudge and the Snowman Plan, Henry and Mudge and the Wild Goose Chase, and Henry and Mudge and the Tall Tree House.

8. Puppy Mudge books – Cynthia Rylant

Puppy Mudge is a series of books based off the Henry and Mudge books. This difference is that these written for very beginning readers. The stories are still all about Henry and his dog but are shorter, with only one sentence on a page and very simple words. If your young children have read Henry and Mudge books before with you or older siblings they will love that they are able to read these Puppy Mudge books all by themselves!

9. I went Walking – Sue Williams

I went walking is a great picture for your kids to read themselves. The book uses a few common sight words and repetitive predictable text. Your child will enjoy all the colors and animals throughout the book. They will also love reading this story over and over again!

10. Annie and Snowball – Cynthia Rylant

Cynthia Rylant wrote a 3rd amazing series for early series based off her Henry and Mudge books called Annie and Snowball. This is a fun series about Henry’s cousin and her pet Snowball. These books follow the Henry and Mudge book Annie’s Perfect Pet. They are fun books and a great early chapter book for your young readers just like the Henry and Mudge series.

11. Elephant and Piggie books – Mo Willems

My kids recently discovered Elephant and Piggie books at the library. They read like a comic strip, with all of the text in speech bubbles. The pictures are so much fun and my kids always end up laughing out loud when reading these stories. Our favorites in this series are I really like Slop!(pictured), There is a Bird on your head!, The Thank You Book, Can I Play too? , and A Big Guy took my Ball.  We can’t wait to read and enjoy more books from this fun series!

12. The Early Readers Bible

My kids are so proud when they read the Bible all by themselves. It is never to early to start teaching your kids to read the Bible. The Early Reader’s Bible provides a good selection of Bible stories in very easy text that your kids can read easily. After they master this, you can move on to something like the NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers. This Bible has the entire text of the Bible in more kid friendly words.

13. Star Wars – World of Reading, Disney Book Group

Nothing motivates young readers like reading about topics they love! My kids, like almost every other kid right now, love star wars. This set contains short stories from the star wars movies. The World of Reading series offers tons of titles that your kids will enjoy. Marvel, Frozen, Paw Patrol, and Sofia the First are just a few of the topics that are available.

14. Bob books – Bobby Lynn Maslen

Bob books are the perfect books to help teach your kids to read. They provide great phonics and sight word practice for your kids. They will love the funny drawings and will love being able to see themselves become stronger readers as they progress through these book sets.

I hope you enjoyed my list of book that my kids love to read and are successful with! Many authors have written amazing books for our kids to enjoy! Are there some books your kids have enjoyed reading that aren’t on this list? What are some of your favorite early readers that you and your kids love?

Comment below with some of your favorite titles! I am always looking for more books to add to our collection!

One way we have added to our home library through buying book sets or collections. Amazon.com offers some amazing book sets that will cost much less per title than buying each of the books individually. Below are links to some book sets that contain some of the titles that were in my list above.

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Looking for books that your early readers will like? Here is a list if books your kids will enjoy reading!

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