I love Christmas! All month long I squeeze in as many fun traditions as possible. I love hearing my older 2 boys talking about our little Christmas traditions and asking when we are going to do them. My oldest, now 7 and my middle son, 5 have been asking the same questions since Thanksgiving. I’ve lost […]

It’s that time of year again!! I can’t believe it’s almost ChristyourIf your family is anything like mine your kids are bouncing off the wall, and your to-do list feels like its 2 miles long and just seems to keep growing!! I really do love Christmastime! The Christmas music playing in the background while working and

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Did you ever dream as a kid about one day hunting for buried treasure? I think almost everyone would love the excitement of stumbling on a treasure map and following to it find a chest filled with gold coins and valuables! Well unfortunately, this post will not tell you how to dig up a treasure chest.

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