Check out these great Spring activities to enjoy with your family!

Celebrate Spring! A round-up of Spring Activities

Check out these great Spring activities to enjoy with your family!

I love Spring!! The weather is wonderful, not too hot or cold, and the kids are able play outside more. I love finding every opportunity possible to “celebrate” with my kids. Today I want to share with you a roundup of a few ways say good-bye to the dreary winter and celebrate this spring!

These ideas for spring activities are from a few of my fellow bloggers from the Mom Bloggers Tribe. This a group of amazing, encouraging, and supportive Mom Bloggers! Check out the Mom bloggers Tribe on Facebook if you are a fellow mom Blogger looking for some support!

Celebrate St. Patricks day this Spring

To start celebrating this spring I highly recommend having some fun with our first spring holiday, St. Patricks Day.  Put up a few decorations with your kids, and let your kids learn about the history of St. Patricks Day. Then, top it all off by making a special St. Patricks day treat! Check out this recipe from The Good the Bad and the Poopy for Luck of the Irish Cupcakes. They look amazing!A round-up of Spring Activities for you and your family!

Have fun with some Spring Cleaning!

Ok maybe to you this doesn’t sound like a celebration, however, Spring cleaning can be fun for your whole family! Get your kids involved and have fun cleaning together! Give everyone a list of jobs that they can do or help with! My kids actually love when I give them a spray bottle and let them help clean! Think of fun rewards for everyone when you complete your lists! Then, enjoy the reward of a clean house! Instead, of trying to think of what might need to be cleaned and how to fit it all in yourself, check out Taylor 411’s post Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide. There were so many things on this list I would not have thought to clean and she does a great job organizing how your can get it all done!

A round-up of Spring Activities for you and your family!

Start a Spring Garden!

My favorite thing about spring is starting our garden! My husband and I love to garden! We start planting seeds indoors each year right at the beginning of spring. My kids love helping plant our seeds and plan what we are going to grow each year. Check out my post Let Your Kids Get Dirty With Spring Gardening for some more ideas about how you can spend time with your family gardening this spring!A round-up of Spring Activities for you and your family!


Enjoy your Spring!

Whatever you do this spring take time to enjoy it with your family! Find some things that you can all do together. How do you plan to celebrate spring this year? I would love to hear from you! Comment below if you have an activity that you love to do with your family each spring!


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